Twiggy Yeung

A proud Hong Konger and an MA International Journalism student at City, University of London. I'm passionate about human rights development and hope to become the voice for the UK-based Hong Kong community in the future. Currently specialising in broadcast news production and finance/business journalism studies. 

Dan Freeman/ Unplash

Hong Kong Press Freedom: What is the Future for Hong Kong Journalism Students?

“Journalists no longer decide what news values are but the government.”: Hong Kong Journalism students shared their concerns for their future amid crackdowns after the National Security Law's (NSL) enactment.
In the exhibition venue, sat Janice Yip (a pseudonym), a final year journalism student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The exhibition was her assignment, displaying individual stories of Hong Kong immigrants who left their hometown for the sweeping NSL.
Enacted on 30 June 2020, the NSL criminalises acts of secession, subversion, terrorism, and collusion with foreign forces. It is a response from Beijing to settle the series of pro-democracy social movements and violent unrests occurred from 2019 to 2020. To

Loss and Damage Fund Uncertainties Concern the Brazilian Amazon

The long-awaited Loss and Damage fund was struck on Sunday at the COP27. Powerful nations agreed to pay up for their carbon emissions in the fund for developing countries, in response to the growing number of climate disasters. However, in Brazil, a country where deforestation has soared in the last decade, citizens have raised concerns that their nation may be deemed ineligible for the fund.  Twiggy Yeung reports.

All Things Asian: Food and Shopping in York

York is a small city but that doesn’t mean you cannot get your favourite Asian essentials! Here are some of my favourite places to get Asian food and shopping:

To all the Hong Kong students out there, Upper River Restaurant (上水站) is the one that is not to be missed! Upper River Restaurant is a ‘Cha Chaan Teng’ (茶餐廳) and for those who do not know the term, it basically refers to the type of Hong Kong restaurant that serves international fusion dishes. Back in the days when the place was still a